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Mobile Lifting Hopper
●Labor-saving, reducing the labor intensity
●Very quick and convenient, improving production efficiency

Compulsory Cooling System
●With the air drying system, high refrigerating capacity, which can be the effective measure to solve the problem of low powder productivity and powder caking in high temperatures.

Noise pollution is the major problem in powder industry, having an effect on physical and psychological health of employee.The silencer, our professional design, is suitable for the powder grinding.
Design Principles:
●With the unique idea of three cavity, effectively eliminating the low frequency noise
●With corrugated resistance sheet reflecting sound wave, forming the mussy reflection wave, making the reflection wave and the wave of sound source generate the interference, canceling out energy, eliminating noise.
●Retrofitting damping material and bass-iefiex enclosure on the walls, absorbing high frequency sound wave in the effector and converting into heat energy & mechanical vibration.

Vibrating Screen
●High efficiency
●Light weight
●Complete and various,
●Multi-level, satisfying the demand of different user.

Classifying Screen
●Small in size
●Easy to operate
●Achieved reliability

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